Drapers Bethesda Featured in Washington Post’s Capital Business & Other Publications

Image courtesy of The Washington Post.

W. Curtis Draper Bethesda is featured in the January 24 edition of Capital Business, a new weekly subscription-based publication of The Washington Post (Go to the site and select Virtual Paper link to view the print edition. The Drapers Bethesda article can be found on page 12 and includes a great photo of John Anderson and Paul Spence in the humidor). According to their site, Capital Business offers a “fresh take on local business, focusing on contracting, lawyers, technology, retail and real estate.”

In the piece Drapers is described as:

[A] Washington fixture, serving the likes of Calvin Coolidge, Anwar Sadat and Bill Cosby.

In addition, the sale of Bethesda Tobacco to W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist has been covered by Bethesda Patch, DC Cigar Examiner and the cigar blog Stogie Guys.