Our Condolences To The Family of Manny Ferrero & The Ashton Cigars Family

Manny Ferrero

On behalf of all of us at Drapers, we want to extend their condolences to the family of Manny Ferrero and everyone at Ashton Distributors. Manny passed away last night while attending the Tobacconists’ Association of America Meeting & Convention.

Manny, a retired police officer, worked his way up the ranks to become a Senior Vice President at Ashton instrumental in helping create blends, overseeing the sales team and was often described as a “Swiss Army Knife” capable of handling many different tasks with ease. His love of the industry was deeply genuine and passed along to his son Tony, an Ashton sales representative.

Rest in peace, Manny. Thank you for your years of friendship. You will be greatly missed.