In Memoriam: Gary Arzt

(L to R) Pete Johnson, Tatuaje Cigars & Gary J. Arzt (1941-2011). Image courtesy of Janny Garcia.

News came this morning that a great friend of the cigar industry, Gary J. Arzt has passed away. Gary was best known for The Arzt of Cigars columns and by those closest to him for the generosity he bestowed on fellow brothers and sisters of the leaf. To say Gary knew everyone in the cigar industry is not an understatement. He had written and visited Drapers on occasion and we were grateful to be held in such high esteem.

Gary’s personality was irrepressible and truly larger than life. To his family and friends across the world, we offer our condolences. For those of you who didn’t know Gary, take a moment to read Barry Stein’s poignant entry in A Cigar Smoker’s Journal.