From John Anderson, Co-Owner, W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist (Photos)

John Anderson, co-owner, W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist

Re: Fight Gone Bad 5 & The Wounded Warrior Project

Well I achieved my goal of $7,000, I ended the [Fight Gone Bad 5] event at $8,600 and the number 3 fundraiser in the country thanks to your generosity. I do not have video yet so I thought these pictures would work as an appetizer for what is to come. Thank you so much for your generous donations, it enabled me to raise a lot of money for our wounded heroes and to look like a complete fool at the same time. A win win for all.


John Anderson
W Curtis Draper Tobacconist

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Note: John challenged donors that if he exceeded his fundraising goal, he’d do his work out in a Superman costume. Well, he found a Captain America instead, which we think is more apropos.

Photo Credit: Nicole Bedard Photography