Drapers Alum Dave Hammerly & King Giant Release “13 To 1” (Video)

Drapers alum Dave Hammerly, lead singer of metal band King Giant, has just released the video for “13 To 1” the first video off of their “Southern Darkness” album (Available at KingGiant.com, Amazon.com, StonerRock.com, iTunes and Rhapsody). The Draper Boys may be considered biased when it comes to Hammer and King Giant, so we’ll leave it to the blog Heavy Planet:

If Johnny Cash rose from the grave and started a metal band, this is what it might sound like. – Heavy Planet

King Giant are: Floyd Walters III (Bass), Todd “T.I.” Ingram (Lead Guitar), Dave Hammerly (Vocals), Brooks (Drums) and David Kowalski (Rhythm Guitar). Video Produced by Kevin Barker and Doublekick Productions.