DC Legislative Action Update

State Action AlertThank you tor supporting our recent petition to the DC Council. We have been informed by several Councilmembers that a drafting error was made. Premium cigars are and will be exempt from the unified tobacco tax. This will be corrected at the second reading of the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Support Act scheduled for June 17.

That being said, B20-750 as currently written still extends the 80% cigarette tax to include pipe tobacco and Snus. It has always been our contention that any tax rate increase (especially one as high as 80%) levied on such a small tax base as tobacconists and premium tobacco enthusiasts is unfair and financially ill conceived. Professional tobacconists like W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist, Georgetown Tobacco and Signature Cigars cater to a very small customer base, compared to other mass market goods, and are in business to sell a legal product soley to adults.

While B20-750 is not a bill we support in its entirety, had premium cigars been included our ability to stay in business would certainly be called into question. B20-750 is not the last fight we will have on our hands. Know that because of you we have made a lasting impression on our elected leaders. I hope to count on you again should the need arise.


John Anderson