U.S. Court Rules Against Cubans on Cohiba Brand

Image courtesy of Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

David Savona of Cigar Aficionado Magazine reports that the 13-year battle for the world’s most prestigious cigar brand, Cohiba, may be concluded thanks to a Manhattan appeals court ruling in favor of General Cigar Company. The July 14 ruling reversed a 2009 decision by the Second District Court in favor of Cubatabaco, the state-owned entity that owns all Cuban cigar brands.

Cohiba cigars were created in Cuba after the revolution. The Cuban version has never been legally sold in the United States due to the American embargo on Cuba. General Cigar registered the rights to the name in the United States.

The Second Circuit court’s ruling affirms what we have always believed since we first filed a U.S. application to register the Cohiba trademark in 1978, that General Cigar is the rightful owner of Cohiba in the U.S. – Dan Carr, Chief Operating Officer, General Cigar Co.

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