Interview: Dón Pepin García of My Father Cigars (Video)

From The Smoking Hot Cigar Chick comes a wide ranging 15-minute interview with Dón Pepin García and Jose Ortega of My Father Cigars. From the site:

In addition to releasing a very limited series this year from My Father Cigars as well as his regular line of cigars, he finds time to blend and make cigars for many other makers: All of the Tatuaje brands for Pete Johnson, all 3 La Aroma De Cuba lines and both San Cristobal lines for Ashton, all of the EO Brandsfor Eddie and Eric (601, Cubao, Murcielago), the Miami [Cigar & Company] lines of cigar[s] for Nestor Miranda, La Forcade, La Sirena and more.

You can also see the complete interview here.