Press Release: Guillermo & Nestor Capture Washington

Image courtesy of Miami Cigar & Co.

Miami, FL — 11, July 2010 — Guillermo Leon and Nestor Miranda, in conjunction with W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist, Washington, DC’s oldest continuously operated tobacconist, will play host to the Congressional Cigar Association at a reception in the nation’s capitol on Tuesday, 20 July.

While the event is a first for Leon and Miranda, the CCA holds quarterly events where manufacturers of premium hand made cigar educate the group on cigars, the manufacture of cigars and the various aspects of the industry.

At the reception in July, Leon will focus on his recently introduced La Aurora 107©. The cigar commemorates the 107th Anniversary of La Aurora’s founding. The company, part of Grupo Leon is the oldest cigar maker in the Dominican Republic. Introduced in May 2010, the 107 has been an instant success, much as La Aurora’s Cien Año, Preferido and 1495 Series.